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    Boski Clothing Brands

    We find Boski dresses with most of the clothing brands in Pakistan. The major Brands that carry Boski stitched or unstitched dresses are Gull Ahmed, Muhajar Cloth House, and Rajah’s. These brands and more, carry not only Boski stitched suits but also unstitched collections to make sure you can have some! 

    Boski Pakistani Dresses in UAE

    Pakistani Boski is a very high-quality fabric that is liked and worn by many people all over the world. The fine finish of the fabric and light weight of the fabric makes it well accepted and welcome in many different cultures and fashionable clothing. Pakistani dresses made in Boski Fabric are very subtle yet luxurious options for all fashion enthusiasts. The dresses are easy to wear, interesting to style, and even more exciting to pair with other articles and designs. 

    Boski Men's Collection

    Boski Men’s collections are hotcakes! Boski fabric is very synonymous with men’s fashion sense. Elegant, comfy, practical and graceful! Boski’s men’s collection at Konjae has a wide range of different hues of white and beige that make dressing in Boski so much easier! Now you also find Boski dresses in dark colors like solid black or navy blue.

    Boski Cloth in Dubai

    Boski cloth in Dubai is mainly white with a very slight variation in the shade of the white and/or beige that the fabric’s collections come in. Too much variety in Boski’s colors is rare, probably because the threads and weaving of this fabric go through a lot of extra chemical processes to make the fabric so smooth and fine. Adding color would be an additional layer of chemical processing which might be deemed unnecessary by many manufacturers. As technology progresses, we are sure to find more and more variations in the colors Boski collections offer.  A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a white shalwar kameez suit. Our Boski collection makes sure you have the best white shalwar kameez that is both stylish and easy to wear in heat of summer!

    Boski Suit Price in Dubai

    Suit prices of Boski vary in Dubai and every other location based upon the brand’s price brackets that are selling the suits. It is not like Boski has one specific price. But we can assure you that considering the fine look of the fabric, Boski is categorized as a high-end fabric that will probably be bought and sold at higher rates. Pakistani fashion in Dubai makes sure you can get high-end Boski suits at lower prices! 

    Boski Suit

    Boski Suits come in a variety. They can be stitched or unstitched. The stitched suits in Boski can be Two-piece Suits that have both the articles Shalwar and Kameez in Boski, or they can be Two Piece suits that have the kameez in Boski fabric and the shalwar paired in some other kind of fabric. 

    Original Boski Suit Price in Dubai

    All suits provided by Konjae in Dubai and the rest of the GCC are original and branded. We source directly from the brands and manufacturers in Pakistan for now. The prices of suits are the same as the prices in Pakistan.
    In the future, if we start sourcing from local brands in Dubai, then prices will be accordingly. 

    Boski Cloth Price in UAE

    Boski Cloth or Fabric is lower in price than the stitched suits, be it Dubai or any other country or state. Konjae also sells Boski fabric at a lower price than the stitched suits of they are from the same brand. 

    Original Boski Suit Price

    Original branded suits are mostly priced more expensive than unbranded ones. Brands offer you consistent quality and a promise of trust and credibility. We deal in only original and branded suits that make your wardrobe many times better!

    Boski Men's Shalwar Kameez

    Boski is one of the finest fabrics yet worn by humans. The fabric is very soft and luxurious in feel and even finer to look at! 

    Boski is a fabric worn by both men and women on formal occasions or times when they feel like dressing up!

    Boski is a very subtle, graceful, and luxurious option to wear when gathering with family for lunch or going to a festive celebration with friends or colleagues. 

    The fabric is lightweight, and perfect for summers because it keeps your body temperature cooler even in the scorching heat. 

    In places like Pakistan, UAE, and the rest of GCC, the fabrics must be light and breathable because uncomfortable dressing defies the purpose of clothing. 

    We understand that your comfort comes first! If you’re not comfortable, you won’t look your best! 

    It is said that beauty is pain, but not with Boski! Boski shalwar Kameez is a beautiful dress that covers you in charm and elegance while keeping you light and fresh as a feather!