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    Indicot Fabrics

    Indicot is a clothing brand famous for men's clothing for decades. People love to wear Indicot as it enhances their traditional style with crisp modernity. But have you wondered what the meaning of the word Indicot is? 

    Well, Indicot is a blend of two words, Indigo and Cotton. The idea is to produce the best quality cotton-like feather lightweight denim but in cultural wear, Shalwar Kameez for men

    Indicot Fabrics - A New Innovation 

    Indicot Fabrics stands out as a brand from all if the others because of its unique concept of creating a lightweight denim fabric for traditional wear for men. This has uplifted the fashion style along with cultural norms. 

    Fatima Enterprises is the working hand behind Indicot, which had introduced Indicot in the history of Pakistan.

    How Indicot is Manufactured? 

    A 2.75 oz/square yard pure denim cotton is taken with staple long Pima cotton to get the characteristics of denim, such as power and resilience, then it is spun very finely to manufacture soft, airy, and breathable cotton.

    Buy Indicot Fabrics From Konjae In Dubai 

    If you are living or moving to the UAE and you are worried about your favorite Indicot shop then do not worry now! 

    You can buy all the latest and 100 percent original Indicot Fabrics from Konjae. 

    Konjae offers a variety of products by Indicot Fabrics in Dubai now. You can check all the latest and old collection of Indicot products along with the prices at Konjae’s website and can order your favorite Indicot Shalwar Kameez for men, with just a click! 

    Products By Indicot

    All the products and fabrics introduced by Indicot are unique and have their own characteristics. Indicot continues to bless its valuable customers with this distinction and uniqueness in the coming years.

    The products or collections introduced by Indigo Fabrics dare according to the season’s demand. They have wide summer collections and winter collections. The color ranges are also according to the weather to fulfill your fashion thirst. 

    Some of the products are Sang-e-mur mur Latha, Damask, Deosai, Serge De Nimes, Darakshan, Isfahan, Indus, Kayi, Organdie, etc.